Dave Currin - President/CEO Hydro Service and Supplies, Inc.

A Message From The President/CEO

In 1967, a visionary named Charles Riley put his dreams of starting his own water purification company into motion. He envisioned doing things differently, better and superior to others in the business. He wanted a company that would set itself apart by providing more reliable service, and in that year, his dream became a reality.

Hydro was founded in Durham, North Carolina with 5 employees. A small service resin regeneration plant was the start of it all with Duke and NIH as some of our first customers. In short time, we began to build complete RODI systems and these systems grew larger with each project. Charles Atwater came to Hydro in 1971 and the perfect business relationship was born. Charles Riley contributed the imagination and ingenuity and Charles Atwater, the business acumen and acuity.

After many years wearing different hats for the greater cause, I was appointed President/CEO on July 12, 2007. In 2017 when Hydro celebrates its 50th anniversary, I will celebrate my 33rd with the company. Our Corporate Leadership Team of 4 individuals will offer a combined total of 102 years of experience and service to one company- Hydro. Today, Hydro is perhaps the largest privately held HPW company in the Eastern US. We have never been bought, sold, merged or purged. We are still the company that Charles Riley dreamed of and we still do it better than anyone else, with higher quality and more reliable service. With our recent expansion into the Southeast, Hydro now serves the entire East Coast and Puerto Rico with 6 sales and service locations. Our markets have expanded over the years as well and include Pharma/Biotech, Electronics, Research, Academics, Medical, Food and Beverage, and Industrial. We serve some of the highest profiled and most recognized companies and institutions in the world and we touch millions of lives globally every day. I could not be more proud in Hydro's 50th year of excellence.

If you are an existing customer updating your Hydro information, please accept our sincere appreciation for the opportunity to have served you in whatever capacity. If you are a potential new customer finding out who we are, talk with our personnel as well. Listen to the passion and excitement in their words that will surely make you confident and assured that we can serve your every HPW need.

Thank you for your interest in our company. Happy 50th Anniversary Hydro!

Dave Currin

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