Picotap® Laboratory Faucets

Picotap® faucets were originally introduced to complement Hydro's POU Picosystems®. These faucets are made of ultra high molecular weight polypropylene and polyethylene plastics without sealants and glues. Unlike other materials, these plastics will not re-contaminate highly aggressive purified water. The patented non-particulating diaphragm valve effectively meters water while minimizing microbial growth. Picotap® faucets are easy to install and an excellent choice to accompany new laboratory POU water systems or casework having purified water plumbed within. Picotap® faucets are a Hydro OEM product made in the USA and available for next day shipment to any destination.

Gooseneck Gooseneck Recirculating Flex-Tap® Horizontal
Right Angle Right Angle Vacuum Breaker Block Style Recirculating Portable Rinse
Portable Rinse Combo