POU Laboratory Systems

It all began for Hydro with a brand of laboratory polishers called Picosystems®. These systems have endured time. Today, nine point-of-use (POU) polishers for varying applications are available, and all are industry leaders in quality comparisons to other POU systems. Purity begins with quality materials and components such as activated carbon for maximum organic reduction and premium DI resins regenerated under proprietary protocols with complete QC/QA. These resins deliver higher purities more consistently and are one of Hydro's green products since they are regenerated and reused. The chassis for all systems is the Picosystem®, delivering ASTM/CAP Type I water using pre-filtration, carbon adsorption, and mixed-bed deionization. The Plus Pump and UV Plus Pump stations provide constant recirculation and TOC reduction, respectively. For applications requiring sterile water, the Picotech® with UV is recommended. The Picopure® and Picomax® deliver sterile, pyrogen-free and RNase-free water. All systems are modular in design so that upgrading from the Picosystem® to the Picopure® UV Plus or Picomax® can occur with ease. These systems are Hydro OEM products made in the USA.

POU Performance Chart Picosystem® Picosystem® Plus Picosystem® UV Plus
Picotech® 2 Picotech® Plus Picotech® UV Plus Picopure® 2
Picopure® Plus Picopure® UV Plus Grant Manager RO Analyzer Water SystemAnalyzer Water System