Grant Manager RO


Capacity: 25 gals/8 hr day @ 77° F, 50 psi
Pressure: 40 psi (min), 100 psi (max)
pH Range: 2 - 11 optimum
Rejection: 90 - 98%
RO Size: 9" Dia. x 20" H (plastic)
11" Dia. x 14" H (metal)
Tank Capacity: 4 gallons
(feed water quality may vary results)


  • Five-stage treatment for maximum performance
  • Thin Film Composite (TFC), spiral-wound membrane
  • 10" x 5" micron carbon block prefilter
  • Dual GAC 10" carbon filter cartridges
  • Automatic feed-water shut-off valve
  • Manual shut-off valve at tank
  • Polypropylene construction


The Grant Manager Reverse Osmosis System is designed to provide inexpensive pretreatment for point-of-use laboratory water systems that have poor feedwater or high daily usage. The Grant Manager is small enough to fit under most laboratory sinks and operates on normal tap water pressure, eliminating pumps and electricity. As pretreatment for your POU system, the Grant Manager reduces operating and service costs up to 80%. Under normal feedwater conditions, the TFC membrane typically removes 88-95% of dissolved inorganics, 99% of organics > 200 molecular weight, and particulates down to 0.001 microns, thus increasing the capacity of the POU system. The Grant Manger is compact, easy to install, and an economical investment that often pays for itself within a short period of time.