Control Panels & Instrumentation

PLC control panels can be simple or complex depending upon the application and client requirements. Control panels can be utilized for system automation and include programmable logic controllers (PLC's), interfaces, signaling devices, power regulating controls, timers and relays, protection devices and switches. Software and programming are offered as well. All panels and control features are custom designed specific to the project (usually with expansion capabilities) and can integrate with management networks if required. All panels are manufactured in Hydro's UL 508 panel shop with complete documentation and drawing packages available. Instrumentation for operational and quality monitoring is vital to almost every water system. More sophisticated and regulated applications often require a higher degree of instrumentation and data collection to monitor proper operations, verify purity levels and track all aspects of critical product manufacturing. Hydro incorporates name-brand reliable instruments and transmitting devices to monitor resistivity/conductivity, pH, pressure, temperature, flows, levels, ozone, total organic carbons (TOC) and more.